Clare Taylor

Foreign Filings Team Leader, Melbourne |

Direct +61 3 8662 7316

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Clare has over 20 years extensive experience dealing with the formalities and other requirements connected with the filing, examination, allowance and issuance of patents and designs in countries around the world, including handling of European allowance and validation.

Clare began working in the patent industry at a large Australian firm of patent and trade mark attorneys before joining a predecessor firm of FPA Patent Attorneys in 1996.

During her career, Clare has worked in various administration roles and has managed the Foreign IP team since 2001. With her team in Melbourne, she currently assists principals and associates in the day to day management of patent and design portfolios.

Areas of expertise

• Managing the Foreign IP team

• Focus on client communication and relationships

• Conscientious consideration of costs connected with formalities 

• Timely reminders for all actions connected with formalities for Foreign applications and grant

• Portfolio reviews (requested internally/externally)

• Consideration of reciprocal relationships with associates in countries around the world

• Ongoing development of knowledge in relation to patent applications in and overseas countries and Australia, with a special focus on the South East Asian region

• Particular expertise in filing formalities and ongoing requirements in the South East Asian region

• Continual attention to the development of the Foreign IP team to ensure best practice

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