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Computing and telecommunications

Our skilled attorneys possess the expertise to assist clients in securing a patent position in this crowded sector where enforceable protection can be difficult to obtain.
Computing and Telecommunications

From individuals to multinationals, computing and telecommunications is an integral part of business of all sizes and is an omnipresent aspect of modern life in general. In what is a very crowded market sector, it is a very important strategic endeavour to leverage the patent system to obtain a commercial advantage.

While patent protection may not necessarily be pursued for minor incremental developments, experience shows that solid protection for core technologies is often an essential business tool – for offensive and defensive deployment – and can prove the difference between the success and failure of a venture.

Our technical range of expertise includes:

  • Autonomous systems
  • Communications protocols
  • Computer hardware
  • Control systems
  • Data acquisition and processing systems
  • Electronic transaction terminals and networks
  • Financial and transaction systems
  • Fixed and wireless communications systems
  • Networking infrastructure software and hardware
  • Signal processing
  • Space technology
  • Telecommunications software and hardware

Our expertise in action

With attorneys possessing expertise in both hardware and software aspects of computing and telecommunications, we are able to assist clients in identifying inventions that may fall into either the hardware or software categories, or into both categories. With regards to software, in various jurisdictions the laws around what is and is not patentable can be ambiguous and confusing. In respect telecommunications inventions, in many cases introducing a particular hardware element that, in combination with software, provides a contribution to the inventive concept can assist in meeting patentable subject matter thresholds in certain jurisdictions.

Our attorneys work with clients to not only identify inventions that are likely to be patentable, but to identify inventions that are likely to be of commercial value.

Having clients both local and international, ranging from software and hardware developers to fiber optic network manufacturers, and from start-ups to established market leaders, our attorneys are able to tailor strategies and advice to the full spectrum of businesses.

Key contacts

Carl Harrap

Principal, Sydney | BE(Hons)(Elec), MEM, LLB

Nicholas Lakatos

Principal, Sydney | BEng (Telecom)(Hons), BCom, MIP Law

Akanksha Dahiya

Associate Principal, Sydney | BEng (Elec & Telecom), MEng (Telecom), MIP Law

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