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Karen Bentley

Karen’s focus: biotechnology, food technology, pharmaceutical, agricultural and life sciences.
More about Karen

Chris Bird

Chris’ focus: computer science and engineering disciplines.
More about Chris

Carol Burnton

Carol’s focus: pharmaceuticals, MedTech, diagnostics, food technology, cosmetics and biofuels.
More about Carol

Akanksha Dahiya

Akanksha’s focus: electronics, telecommunications, and software engineering technologies.
More about Akanksha

Adam Denley

Adam’s focus: biotechnology and pharmaceutical fields.
More about Adam

John Dower

John's focus: electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, and power electronics inventions.
More about John

Carl Harrap

Carl’s focus: electrical, computer, software and optics fields.
More about Carl

Tracey Hendy

Tracey's focus: complex mechanical arts and medical devices.
More about Tracey

Stuart Irvine

Stuart’s focus: computer-implemented inventions, information and communications technology, consumer products and designs.
More about Stuart

Grant Jacobsen

Grant’s focus: hydrogen production and battery technology, composite materials, polymers, chemical formulations, chemical processes, and food technology.
More about Grant

Nicholas Lakatos

Nicholas’ focus: telecommunications, software, information and communications technology and electrical engineering-related inventions.
More about Nicholas

Desmond Tan

Desmond's focus: engineering, clean energy technology, computing and telecommunications, and medical technology.
More about Desmond

Danny Gelman

Danny’s focus: chemistry, pharmaceutical, veterinary and agrochemical.
More about Danny

Sarah Hennebry

Sarah’s focus: biotechnology, pharmaceutical, in vitro diagnostics and agricultural sectors.
More about Sarah

Alister McCowan

Alister's focus: mechanical engineering and manufacturing.
More about Alister

Emma van Embden

Emma’s focus: pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, materials science and chemistry.
More about Emma

Robbie Boukarroum

Robbie’s focus: mechanical arts, physics and computer implemented inventions and MedTech.
More about Robbie

David Kark

David’s focus: renewable energy and electrical power systems.
More about David

Elyse Schinella

Elyse’s focus: mining, space science, computer science and engineering.
More about Elyse

Dean Bradley

Dean's focus: electrical, computing and information communication technologies.
More about Dean

Harriet Keenan

Harriet’s focus: immunology, molecular genetics, diagnostics, therapeutic delivery systems, microbiology, haematology, regenerative medicine and cellular agriculture.
More about Harriet

Julie Murison

Julie’s focus: agrochemistry, petrochemistry, materials chemistry and industrial chemistry.
More about Julie

Thomas Ware

Thomas’ focus: gene therapy, molecular and cancer biology, cancer immunotherapy, gene silencing and RNA interference technology, infectious diseases, viral vectors, and blood serum diagnostics.
More about Thomas

Rohan Williams

Rohan’s focus: organic chemistry, pharmaceuticals and food science.
More about Rohan

Amie Khosla

Amie’s focus: electronic and electrical engineering, energy, physics, quantum computing, AI and machine learning.
More about Amie

Martina Barbiero

Martina's focus: medical technology.
More about Martina

Damian Che

Damian's focus: computer-implemented inventions, information and communications technology.
More about Damian

Lap Hing (Leo) Chi

Leo's focus: biochemistry, molecular biology, cancer biology and models, gene-editing technologies, immunology, epigenetics, dermatology, and bioinformatics.
More about Lap Hing (Leo)

Marie-Claire Giel

Marie-Claire's focus: organic and medicinal chemistry and pharmaceuticals.
More about Marie-Claire

Dafydd Jones

Dafydd’s focus: synthetic chemistry technologies.
More about Dafydd

Shaahin Madani

Shaahin’s focus: cybersecurity of networked and distributed systems.
More about Shaahin

Angus McNab

Angus’ focus: food, beverages and FMCG, mechanical engineering and manufacturing, consumer product and design.
More about Angus

Alex Wong

Alex’s focus: biotechnology, including biochemistry, molecular biology, protein biology, molecular genetics, cell biology, transcriptomics, immunology, and infectious diseases.
More about Alex
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