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Chemistry is the central science underpinning both established and emerging technology sectors. We support both local and overseas companies in protecting their valuable R&D outputs, where the chemical sciences play a key role, along with engaging with key players in the chemical investment communities (both private funds and corporate acquirers).

Chemistry is at the heart of a diverse range of technology areas, ranging from pharmaceuticals, through industrial chemistry, polymer chemistry and materials science, to key enabling aspects of green technologies and clean energy, such as batteries.

Innovation in the chemical sciences is key to successfully tackling some of the most pressing global challenges, particularly in energy generation and supply, and in healthcare.

To support the breadth and depth of continuing chemical innovation, FPA’s team of chemistry-trained attorneys have deep research expertise across the chemical sciences, typically holding PhDs, and with most also completing postdoctoral research or research in the commercial sector across a range of industries.

Our chemistry team has the passion and expertise to identify inventions and build effective patent portfolios to support research commercialisation across the chemical sectors. We take a partnering philosophy to our client relationships to maximise the value captured by our client’s patent portfolio, while offering pragmatic and commercial advice based on a deep understanding of our client’s objectives.

Our technical range of expertise includes:

Our expertise in action

Acting for an Australian company that had developed a range of chemical formulations, we worked with the inventors and management to develop a patent portfolio strategy to both attract investment and protect the formulations. Through regular meetings to discuss the technology, we advised as to the information necessary to achieve best possible outcomes, often requiring daily contact to fine tune the strategy around each formulation.

By developing a close working relationship with the company at the commercial, legal and technical levels, we established a high level of trust. In these relationships we strive to move beyond a transactional connection, to one where we are considered part of the company’s team and a key partner for commercial success.

Key contacts

Carol Burnton

Principal, Melbourne | BSc (Hons), LLB (Hons), LLM, Dip PC Form

Grant Jacobsen

Consultant, Melbourne | BSc (Hons), PhD, MIP Law

Danny Gelman

Associate Principal, Melbourne | BSc (Hons), PhD, MIP Law

Awards & Recognition

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