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Software and artificial intelligence

Our software and AI team includes experts with the technical and legal expertise required to secure patent rights in this often complex technology area. We are adept at designing IP protection strategies that are tailored to your industry.
Software and Artificial Intelligence

Technological advances in the software and artificial intelligence (AI) space occur rapidly – and can be rendered obsolete at an equally alarming rate. Further, AI is being explored and deployed in a wide range of applications. Indeed, there are very few industries that are not currently being impacted by AI, from bioinformatics and drug discovery to autonomous vehicles to financial services. At the same time, securing an IP position over AI technology involves a myriad of challenges.

While patent protection shouldn’t necessarily be pursued for all developments, experience teaches that solid protection for core technologies is often an essential business tool – for offensive and defensive deployment – and can prove the difference between the success and failure of a venture.

From navigating the evolving landscape of subject matter patentability, focusing on the features of your software or AI invention that are likely to be patentable, to crafting enforceable claims to protect high-value subject matter, our software and AI team has the experience and expertise to get results.

We are thoroughly acquainted with how subject-matter eligibility standards apply to not only AI related inventions but all software inventions in major jurisdictions. We aim to draft patent claims that can stand up to scrutiny by the Patent Offices that apply the most exacting requirements. Further, we have developed prosecution strategies that give our clients the best chance of overcoming some of the most challenging objections that can arise during examination.

Our technical range of expertise includes:

Our expertise in action

FPA undertakes invention capture, drafting, prosecution, and portfolio management to protect software and AI inventions for universities, start-up companies and established local and global players.

We assemble cross-disciplinary teams to service the needs of clients, for example in the healthcare industry, where we leverage our capabilities in both software/AI and in more traditional life science technologies.

Key contacts

Carl Harrap

Principal, Sydney | BE(Hons)(Elec), MEM, LLB

Stuart Irvine

Principal, Sydney | BSc, LLB, LLM

Nicholas Lakatos

Principal, Sydney | BEng (Telecom)(Hons), BCom, MIP Law

Akanksha Dahiya

Associate Principal, Sydney | BEng (Elec & Telecom), MEng (Telecom), MIP Law

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