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We support research institutions and companies working at the forefront of physics and technology to solve the problems of tomorrow.

Turning a complex or abstract physics concept into a commercially viable asset can be a challenge. At FPA, our attorneys have a breadth and depth of knowledge that enables us to connect with the academic minds in our universities and research institutions. We also work closely with small start-ups and medium to large private companies – they place a significant investment in innovation and we are there to assist by developing a commercially valuable patent strategy.

Our attorneys bring with them the invaluable experience of being ‘in the field’ having come from engineering and project management roles, in-house patent counsel, and years of experimental research. Our broad range of scientific expertise at FPA is useful, particularly when there is a cross-over in technologies – a thin film deposition process being used in the manufacture of a component used in analytical science, for example.

Our technical range of expertise includes:

Our expertise in action

We assist Australian universities in the commercialisation of scientific research including assessing the patentability of inventions, preparing and drafting patent specifications and prosecuting applications through to grant in Australia and overseas. We achieve our best and the best for our clients by working closely with the inventors from the very start of the patent process. We have helped Universities identify inventions that are more commercially valuable than others, in some cases identifying inventions that have been “overlooked”. Advising on the patentability of inventions before preparing and filing patent applications can also assist inventors in reassessing the focus of their scientific research.

Key contacts

Chris Bird

Principal, Melbourne | BA (EngSci), MSc (Intellectual Property)

Carl Harrap

Principal, Sydney | BE(Hons)(Elec), MEM, LLB

Elyse Schinella

Senior Associate, Sydney | BSc (Hons), PhD, MIP Law

Awards & Recognition

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