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At FPA, we focus on two areas of intellectual property – patents and designs. We are the only Intellectual Property firm in Australia with this degree of specialisation.

FPA’s clients truly value the deep expertise that our attorneys are known for. We use our expertise to bring insights, solve problems and co-create custom solutions.

Latest Insights & Firm News — 5 April 2024

Image processing in agricultural technology

In this article we take a look at the application of image processing technologies to the field of agriculture, including techniques applied to remote sensing data. In particular, with innovations in this fast-growing area being increasingly protected by patent rights, we analyse these developments through the lens of patent data.

Latest Insights & Firm News — 28 March 2024

The intersection of MedTech and software in an emerging market – Part 2: Singapore vs Australia – examples of computer-implemented medical technologies

In part two of this two-part series of articles, we look at specific real-life examples of patent applications in the hub of SAE, Singapore, and draw comparisons to how the same technologies are treated in Australia with respect to patentable subject matter.

Latest Insights & Firm News — 22 March 2024

The intersection of MedTech and software in an emerging market – Part 1: Are computer-implemented inventions for medical technologies patentable in Southeast Asia?

In part one of this two-part series of articles, we discuss if it is possible to meet patentable subject matter requirements in the key countries in SEA for computer implemented medical technologies.

Latest Insights & Firm News — 15 March 2024

2023: A less turbulent year in Australian patent law

2022 was a big year for patent law in Australia. So it comes as somewhat of a relief for patentees and applicants that 2023, by comparison, was much smoother sailing and in fact, gave us some useful guidance.

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Whilst FPA are registered to practice in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, we also have extensive experience in the Southeast Asian (SEA) patent market where we provide superior outcomes for clients when navigating this burgeoning and increasingly important region.

A major focus for FPA has been to use our skills and experience to substantially improve the efficiency and outcomes of patent prosecution in this part of the world.

What else we do

We do more than just prosecute.

FPA has cultivated deep relationships with incubators and investors, such that we are often the first port of call as part of the due diligence process when they are looking to invest in a new start-up.

Our attorneys are also heavily involved in contentious matters, whether these are directly between parties, at the patent office or providing assistance to lawyers before the Courts.

We have experts in Plant Breeder’s Rights and Plant Patents. We also provide global renewals management services.


Deep expertise through thought leadership:
Australia: A key destination for life science patent filings

Awards & Recognitions

FPA Patent Attorneys Firm of the Year Patent Prosecution

About us

More than a patent attorney

Whether it’s the creation, management, enforcement or commercialisation of your intellectual property rights, our purpose is to efficiently deliver an individualised client service offering to exceed expectations.

FPA comprises a large, energetic, experienced and diverse team of patent attorneys qualified in a range of science and engineering disciplines.

Further, our patent attorneys generally have industry or postdoctoral experience in their respective fields of expertise and an interest in continuing education in these fields, which means that they are well placed to understand innovative technical concepts and to translate them into IP specifications.

FPA is an independent, top-tier, Australian based, private incorporated registered attorney firm and a member of the QANTM Group. For more information on the QANTM Group and members of the Group, please visit Ownership Structure or QANTM IP.


Awards & recognition

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To assist you further, be it in the services or expertise we provide, career offerings or an administrative task, please contact your closest office.

Whilst our attorneys are primarily located in Melbourne, Sydney and Singapore, they are available for video conference calls and are regularly travelling interstate and overseas.

FPA office locations


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80 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000


10 Collyer Quay
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Singapore 049315


Suite 2, Level 9
275 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000

FPA mail delivery

Please send all Australia mail to:

Level 19, South Tower
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Melbourne VIC 3000

Please send all Singapore mail to:

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