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Grant Jacobsen

Consultant | BSc (Hons), PhD, MIP Law
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About Grant

Passionate about translating technology into valuable patent rights aligned to commercial goals.

With his extensive commercial and chemistry background, Grant specialises in hydrogen production and battery technology, composite materials, polymers, chemical formulations, chemical processes, and food technology. He is also passionate about exploring new areas of technology, such as energy storage.

After completing his PhD, Grant began his career as an academic researcher in both the UK and the US, focusing on transition metal compound synthesis and catalysis. He then moved into industry, working for a multinational chemical company in the areas of hydrocarbon processing, catalysis, polymers and materials science.

It was Grant’s time in industry which first sparked his passion for patents as a way of creating value for businesses. As an inventor on numerous patents, he worked closely with in-house patent attorneys in preparing patent applications. Het also played a key role in commercialising and licensing new technologies based on those patents.

Grant’s exposure to patents and intellectual property strategy within a large corporate setting eventually prompted him to become a patent attorney. He has found his experience as an inventor, across numerous chemistry-enabled technologies has become invaluable in using patents to help clients underpin their commercial goals.

Grant has experience in drafting globally robust patent applications and in successfully prosecuting these applications in numerous jurisdictions. He also works closely with clients to develop IP strategies which are aligned with their commercial objectives.

Grant currently works with Australian companies to develop patent strategies to protect their products globally. In doing so, his primary aims are to support investment opportunities and achieve market exclusivity.

Type of clients

  • Local inventors
  • Start-ups and established companies
  • Universities and research institutes
  • Large multinational companies


  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, The University of Strathclyde (UK)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry, The University of Strathclyde (UK)
  • Master of Intellectual Property Law, The University of Melbourne
  • Registered Trans-Tasman Patent Attorney


  • Royal Australian Chemical Institute
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