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Advances in polymer chemistry have been critical to almost every facet of modern life. From development of new polymerisation techniques, polymers with new properties (eg conductive, antimicrobial, etc.), living polymers, degrading or modifying naturally derived polymers to provide sustainable sources of needed materials, and more recently biodegradable polymers as replacements for other commonly used polymer products. Innovation in polymer chemistry remains at the forefront of chemical research.

The field of polymers encompasses numerous technical disciplines, including organic and inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry and industrial chemistry. Polymers range from synthetic polymers, such as polystyrene and polyethylene, to natural biopolymers such as carbohydrates and proteins. Synthetic polymers touch on almost every aspect of modern life, and many are produced industrially on a very large scale. New, specialty polymers continue to be discovered, often finding useful niche applications. The diversity of polymer structures, production methods and applications have led to a complex and dynamic patent landscape.

FPA has a wide range of technical backgrounds relevant to polymers. Most of our attorneys possess doctoral qualifications and post-doctoral research experience. Others have significant industrial research, manufacturing and commercial experience.

Our attorneys have technical experience in polymer synthesis and characterisation, polymer materials science, and commercial scale polymer manufacture.

Patent protection may be available for new polymer structures and methods for their synthesis. Additionally, new synthetic methods for known polymers may be patentable. Materials which contain polymers, such as composites, or devices which incorporate polymers, may also be patentable.

Patent protection for advances in polymer chemistry can be complex given that many polymer products include a combination of a range of products or due to the physical changes that occur during polymer curing. FPA’s attorneys have the necessary expertise to help design a protection strategy that will support your commercialisation goals.

Our technical range of expertise includes:

Our expertise in action

We have direct experience in protecting polymer based inventions, including new polymer structures, polymer synthesis, polymer processing, polymer composites, and devices which incorporate polymers as a key part of their operation.

Our philosophy is to establish a close working association with clients, going beyond an often typical transactional relationship. We believe that the best outcomes arise when we not only have an appreciation of the technical aspects of a client’s development, but also an understanding of their commercial goals. This allows us to strategically apply our legal skills and technical expertise so as to best support those goals.

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Grant Jacobsen

Consultant, Melbourne | BSc (Hons), PhD, MIP Law

Danny Gelman

Associate Principal, Melbourne | BSc (Hons), PhD, MIP Law

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