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Lap Hing (Leo) Chi

Patent Scientist | BSc (Hons), PhD
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About Leo

Passionate about the translation of novel therapies and technologies that can contribute to improvements in our quality of life.

Before joining FPA, Leo completed his PhD studies on the progression of breast cancer, where he utilised pre-clinical models to characterise the effects of cytokines, micro-RNAs and small molecules on the spread of breast cancer. His postdoctoral research focused on the development of patient-derived organoid models on novel scaffolds, and the testing of combination therapies involving immunotherapies and epigenetic therapies for the treatment of bone metastasis. Following his passion in translating patient-centred treatments, Leo has also gained experience in dermatological research as a clinical trials coordinator.

As a seasoned researcher in cancer biology and in therapy development, as well as a former coordinator in dermatological clinical trials, Leo has joined FPA as a patent scientist to advance his skills in the protection and commercialisation of inventions. He firmly believes that the patenting process is a crucial pathway to the translation of life-changing innovations, and would like to play an active role in facilitating the realisation of their commercial potentials.

Leo’s demonstrated aptitude for understanding complex scientific and practical knowledge, extensive experience in project design and problem solving, as well as his dedication to supporting the others will ensure that his clients’ needs are met in an effective and timely manner.

Leo has authored or co-authored peer-reviewed articles in journals such as Oncogenesis, Drug Discovery Today, Cancer Research, Growth Factors and Disease Models and Mechanisms.


  • Austin LifeSciences Prize for Discovery Research
  • Ronnie Goldberg Scholarship in the field of breast cancer research
  • Sparrho Early Career Researcher Prize
  • Tour de Cure PhD Support Scholarship
  • La Trobe University Postgraduate Research Scholarships


  • Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry (Hons), University of Melbourne
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Cancer Medicine, La Trobe University

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