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Shaahin Madani

Patent Engineer | PhD (Computer Science), MAppSc (IT), MIP Law
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English, Farsi (Persian)



About Shaahin

Excited about protecting software and computing inventions to motivate investment into research and innovation.

Shaahin is a patent engineer within the physics and engineering team. He has extensive experience in developing software applications such as banking solutions, accounting, automated document processing, and graphic design.

Shaahin specialises in cybersecurity for networked and distributed systems. He has developed novel software systems which enable online digital service providers to authenticate and authorise their clients without jeopardising their anonymity and privacy. He has also created several new secure computer network protocols enabling anonymous communication by combining encryption methods and anti-traffic analysis measures.

Before joining FPA, Shaahin was an academic at RMIT University, where he delivered a range of courses such as information security risk management, ethics of technology, software programming, and project management. He also acted as consultant and project manager for a number of industry projects.

Shaahin’s interest in intellectual property was sparked when he spent two years representing postgraduate students on RMIT’s Intellectual Property Committee. This experience triggered his interest in pursuing the field further, eventually leading to his transition into a new career path.

At FPA, Shaahin helps his clients by drafting patent specifications and providing advice in relation to IP matters. His first-hand experiences with research, software development, and IP law have enabled him to better understand computing and software related inventions and offer practical advice.


  • Shaahin graduated in the top 2% of all RMIT Higher Education students, and was awarded the prestigious Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) for his doctoral degree.


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Computer Science), RMIT University
  • Master of Intellectual Property Law, The University of Melbourne
  • Master of Applied Science (Information Technology) with Distinction, RMIT University
  • Diploma in Software Engineering, Canadian Institute of Technology


  • Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia
  • Royal Australian Chemical Institute
  • AusBiotech

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