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IAM Patent 1000 2024: Gold tier firm ranking with nine principals recognised as ‘recommended’

07 June 2024
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FPA has once more secured the prestigious Gold Tier position in Australia for Patent Prosecution in the IAM Patent 1000 2024 list. Additionally, we are thrilled to announce that nine Principals across our Australian and Singapore offices have been acknowledged as top patent professionals.

IAM cited,

“Home to a deep bench of scientifically adept patent attorneys, FPA Patent Attorneys has earned a burnished reputation for its poised prosecution. It has an intuitive grasp of every complex technology from quantum computing, software, concentrated solar power and seismic sensors, to psychedelics, mRNA vaccines, CAR-T therapy, theragnostics and artificial blastocysts.”

The acknowledgment from IAM Patent 1000 is a testament to FPA’s and its principals’ exceptional expertise and deep insights. Their contributions in crafting and executing patent strategies are instrumental in our client’s success, demonstrating the value of our services and the trust our clients place in us.

In terms of individual recognition, IAM commented,

“Leading the charge is Managing Director John Dower, who has extensive international experience in the drafting and prosecution of patent and design applications. Chris Bird has an intuitive grasp of the essence of inventions in spaces as diverse as physics, electronic and electrical engineering, information and communications technology (ICT) and medical technology. Working alongside him in the engineering space are Tracey Hendy and Carl Harrap. Mechanical engineering expert Hendy has a wonderful career encompassing more than three decades of experience in IP law, with a special interest in complex mechanical arts; while Harrap regularly assists clients in managing large patent portfolios and providing smart advocacy in hearings before the Patent Office. ICT is the speciality of Stuart Irvine and Nicholas Lakatos. Irvine’s solutions-oriented advice often incorporates a deep understanding of business goals; whereas Lakatos has a keen insight into patentable subject-matter law in Australia, in respect of software-based inventions. The life sciences group plays host to Adam Denley and Karen Bentley. Previously conducting postdoctoral research in the department of molecular and experimental medicine at the Scripps Research Institute, Denley combines his technical expertise with commercial acumen to take groundbreaking medical patents from conception through to reality. “

Desmond Tan was also recognised as ‘recommended’ in the Singapore rankings.

“In the dynamic realm of patents, we witness the constant emergence of new technologies and geographies,” remarks John Dower, Managing Director of FPA. “Thus, seeing our expertise and efforts acknowledged and celebrated by IAM Patent 1000 is truly gratifying. Our team’s remarkable breadth of expertise and technical acumen consistently translates into tangible commercial value for our clients.”

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