Information and Communications Technologies Patents

Securing your position in the information and communications sector can be difficult. Technological advances occur rapidly – and can be rendered obsolete at an equally alarming rate. Barriers to entry, especially for software implemented inventions which are not reliant on specialised hardware, are low to virtually non-existent. Reverse engineering and copying, in many instances, is a trivial process. A huge number of patents exist, many covering “inventions” of questionable merit. Litigation is increasingly common.

While patent protection shouldn’t necessarily be pursued for all developments, experience teaches that solid protection for core technologies is often an essential business tool – for offensive and defensive deployment – and can prove the difference between the success and failure of a venture.

Our ICT team includes specialists in computer science, computer engineering, electronic and electrical engineering and telecommunications. Further to understanding the technology, however, our specialists understand the commercial environment in which you operate, an understanding we feel is essential to developing the right strategy for you.

We advise both local and international clients, ranging from software and hardware developers to fiber optic network manufacturers, and from start-ups to established market leaders.

FPA Patent Attorneys technical range of expertise includes:

  • Telecommunications software and hardware
  • Networking software and hardware
  • Financial and transaction systems
  • Machine learning systems
  • Autonomous systems
  • Data acquisition and processing systems

FPA Patent Attorneys - our expertise in action

FPA Patent Attorneys provide strategic patentability and infringement advice to an Australian client in the financial services industry, undertaking a development project with both in-house and external developers.

Our attorneys work with clients to not only identify inventions that are likely to be patentable, but to identify inventions that are likely to be of commercial value. We advise on subject matter patentability issues in major markets and advise on validity issues. Our attorneys work with our clients to investigate commercially practicable design-around options.

FPA Patent Attorneys ICT experts advise on infringement issues, integrating with the Herbert Smith Freehills specialist IP litigation team to provide strategic enforcement strategies.