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Promotion of Life Sciences experts

22 June 2023
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Emma van Embden
Julie Murison
Julie Murison

FPA is very pleased to announce the promotion of two attorneys, effective from 1 July 2023:

Emma joined FPA in April 2010 as a Trainee Patent Scientist after completing her PhD (Chemistry) from the University of Melbourne. Emma registered as a patent attorney in April 2013, and her strong results were acknowledged by IPTA when she was awarded the coveted top graduate prize for that year. Emma has an enviable technical background in both chemistry and biology that allows her to work seamlessly across both technologies.

Emma works with both local and international research organisations and companies to develop successful IP strategies. She has particular expertise managing large, multi-family patent portfolios for local clients, with one CEO of an ASX-listed company recently remarking that they would be lost without Emma. This promotion is a significant career milestone for Emma and recognises her valuable ongoing contribution to the firm.

“FPA has provided me with amazing opportunities throughout my career. Learning from my talented colleagues, growing as an IP professional, and now joining the leadership team. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to shape and grow the organisation.”

Dr Emma van Embden

Julie joined FPA as a Trainee Patent Scientist in January 2020. She completed her Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) at the University of Queensland before completing a PhD in Physical Chemistry and post-doctoral research with the Max Planck Institute of Dynamics and Self Organisation, based in Germany. Julie was then a researcher at Clariant, also based in Germany.

Julie registered as a patent attorney in September 2022 and since joining the firm has worked with both local and foreign clients, providing strategic filing and prosecution advice. In particular, Julie adeptly manages patent portfolios across Southeast Asia for a number of large US based chemistry clients.

“Emma and Julie are key to the current and ongoing success of our Life Sciences team. They are recognised as experts in their respective fields by clients and colleagues alike, and consistently deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients. We are delighted to be able to recognise their contributions to the firm in this way.”

John Dower, Managing Director

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