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Design Amendment Bill 2020 passed through Parliament 2 Sep 2021 Legal Updates
IPOS Clarifies Non-physical Designs Practice with Handy Online Guidebook 24 Feb 2021 Articles
IP Australia Responds to Design Reform Consultation 14 May 2020 Legal Updates
Artificial Intelligence 27 Apr 2020 Publications
IP Australia Calls for Feedback Regarding Reform of the Australian Designs System 6 Nov 2019 Articles
FPA Patent Attorneys awarded “Highly Recommended” for Patent Prosecution by IAM Patents 1000 12 Aug 2019 Firm News
FPA Patent Attorneys continues strong growth with appointment of new Senior Associates 1 Jul 2019 Firm News
FPA Patent Attorneys once again recognised as global IP leaders by MIP 30 May 2019 Firm News
IPOS is treating design applications more seriously - so should applicants 13 May 2019
The Australian Designs System: Reform on the Radar 26 Sep 2018 Articles
International Industrial Design Protection 8 Jun 2018 Articles
Managing Intellectual Property IP Stars Handbook rank FPA Patent Attorneys as Tier 1 for Patent Prosecution in 2017 20 Mar 2017 Firm News
2016 – a year at a glance 14 Mar 2017 Articles
Sounds like a design opposition 2 Mar 2017 Articles
Australian designs law - what is really going to change and when? 6 Oct 2016 Articles
Australian designs law - where is reform headed? 5 Oct 2016 Articles
Designs law reform in Australia: Prior art base, Grace periods, Screen displays and other changes 31 May 2016 Articles
Draft Report on Australia's Intellectual Property Arrangements 2 May 2016 Legal Updates
The Future of the Australian Designs System 17 Aug 2015 Articles
Final report on the review of Australia's designs system 7 May 2015 Articles
Designing foreign applications 17 Mar 2015 Articles
Australian designs system under review 4 Dec 2014 Articles
Designing Applications: Tips for filing design applications in Australia 17 Nov 2014 Publications
Applying the Designs Act 2003: Multisteps in the right direction? 26 Sep 2013 Articles
Five things to keep in mind when pursuing registered design protection in Australia 20 Sep 2013 Articles
Australian Designs System under review 11 Sep 2013 Articles
Can an error in naming an applicant for a design registration be fatal? Foster's Australia Limited v Cash's (Australia) Pty Ltd 10 Jul 2013 Articles
What to expect when Australian patent prosecution law changes on April 15, 2013 8 Feb 2013 Articles
IP Australia to introduce e-Filing of patent and design applications 20 Nov 2012 Legal Updates
Shining a light on secret use – permissible non-commercial use of prototypes 23 Oct 2012 Articles
United Kingdom awards inventors in Kelly and another v GE Healthcare Limited 6 Jul 2009 Articles