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But you’re a patent attorney, not a farmer!

25 June 2024
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Chris Bird

Chris Bird

Principal, Melbourne | BA (EngSci), MSc (Intellectual Property)

Innovation, protection, research and commercialisation. Important words from our very own Chris Bird who was present at this year’s Australian Agritech Association showcase day and a special guest on Tim Thompson’s YouTube channel, Farm Learning with Tim Thompson.

When it comes to farming and agriculture, most people think of fields, crops and tractors and nothing really IP-related. Chris provided great insight as to how IP and the agricultural sector have several important connections and how IP is a key part of the ecosystem supporting innovation and technological progress within the agricultural sector.

In this video, Chris discusses:

  1. Emerging trends in AgTech innovation, including in the fields of biotech (such as synthetic proteins/cultivated meat and seed treatment to enhance yield and quality) and smart farming (AI applied to agriculture, remote sensing and data analytics)
  2. If you have an innovation what do you actually want to do with it?
  3. “Don’t tell your mate down at the pub”. Get advice early on from a lawyer or patent attorney, and DO NOT disclose your innovation – to avoid it being deemed no longer “new”.

Watch Chris’s interview, showcasing his vast knowledge and understanding of the IP/AgTech sector:

About the Author

Chris Bird

Principal, Melbourne | BA (EngSci), MSc (Intellectual Property)

Chris’ focus: computer science and engineering disciplines.

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