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Our Mission is to work with the Best Minds which underpins or diverse and inclusive work culture. This means we recruit on the basis of talent and merit because at FPA, we recognise that each of us is unique and has something special to offer.

Employee satisfaction is paramount

At FPA, we adopt a wide definition of diversity encompassing gender and gender identity, ethnicity, disability, cultural background, sexual orientation, religion and belief, politics and belief, socioeconomic background, age and generation, family and associated responsibilities and more. 

FPA focuses on Equity and Inclusion so that all our team members feel respected and comfortable to be themselves in the workplace.

In addition to improving employee satisfaction, fostering a culture which allows people to perform at their best optimises results for our clients.

In the ‘’new normal’’ post COVID-19, enhanced “hybrid” flexible working models will continue to support employees with carer responsibilities and harmonising their work/life balance.

Further, FPA has an extensive mental and physical health and wellbeing training program, where we invite leading experts across Australia to speak on topics including resilience, grief & loss, emerging from COVID, women’s health, men’s health, sleep, nutrition and exercise to name a few and continue to recognise and champion the importance of R U OK? Day.

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Career development and progression

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