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FPA’s Values rest on 4 pillars: Excellence, Collaboration, Care and Trust. These 4 core values underpin FPA’s culture, business operations and how team members work together and how FPA engages with and supports its clients. We value our Clients and just as important, we value our People.

Supportive and balance-focused workplace

FPA’s Values inform the firm’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP) which means providing a holistic support structure built around Best Environment, Development, Compensation and Benefits which aims to attract, engage and retain its employees, reinforced by its Vision.

FPA actively promotes work-life harmony with fully supported flexible and dispersed working models where employees get to choose where they work at least 60% of the time.

FPA’s goal is to achieve a successful balance between work and leisure. To this end, FPA offers an innovative range of health and well-being initiatives including a wellbeing allowance and paid wellbeing days. FPA rewards and recognise high performance and contributions with competitive remuneration and reward systems and initiatives. FPA prioritises professional development and career progression through a comprehensive L&D program. At FPA, the aim is to build and develop capabilities, supported by a broad network of professionals, to realise each person’s career aspirations and ensure they become the best at what they do and feel professionally fulfilled whilst ensuring they maintain a work-life balance.

Identifying your next ‘best fit’ employer is all about cultural fit. FPA’s culture is caring, supportive and approachable with an open door policy. The leaders make the time to answer questions and adopt a relaxed professionalism. People new to FPA describe its people as “incredibly supportive”, “genuinely nice” and enjoy the great team spirit.

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Career development and progression

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