Building, Construction and Civil Engineering Patents

The combined forces of a small workforce (that is well paid by world standards), a large area, high safety and quality standards and a harsh environment, have put pressure on the Australian building, construction and civil engineering industries to be highly innovative. As a result, in these fields, innovations often emerge through the need to improve products or processes in order to reduce labour costs, increase efficiency or improve safety. Environmental sustainability and energy efficiency are also becoming key areas for innovation as environmental rules are tightened and “green” credentials become an increasingly important factor in winning new projects.

Infrastructure projects are generally expensive, and purpose-designed to fit a particular job. It is often considered that the one-off nature of these projects means that IP protection is not necessary or possible. However there will be elements in each job that may be transportable to new projects and therefore may be worthwhile protecting with patents.

Protecting your unique methods or technology allows you to pitch for work knowing that your solution is cheaper, faster, safer or “greener” than a competitor’s. It also means that your competitors cannot pitch the same solution.

Our attorneys can assist you to identify the key elements of your systems that are worthwhile considering for protection. FPA Patent Attorneys can also assist you in conducting competitor analysis and drafting and prosecuting design and patent applications in Australia. We are also experienced in protecting building, construction and civil engineering inventions in the key overseas markets of China, the United States, Europe and the Middle East.

FPA Patent Attorneys also acts for a range of large and small, foreign companies seeking to protect their developments in the Australian market.

FPA Patent Attorneys technical range of expertise includes:

  • Building construction systems
  • Prefabricated building systems
  • Methods of construction
  • Fall prevention safety apparatus
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Lifting apparatus
  • Concrete compositions and building materials
  • Structural engineering
  • Underground pipe installation
  • Building components – composition and construction
  • Vehicle braking systems
  • Rail infrastructure and rolling stock
  • Power distribution
  • Machine learning systems

FPA Patent Attorneys - our expertise in action

Our client is an innovative start-up company seeking to deliver a new building system to the world. We have worked closely with them to develop a portfolio of patents and patent applications that protect their core technology as well as complementary technologies and further refinements.  In addition to our primary role in the drafting and prosecution of patent applications we have also assisted them with preparations for due diligence by potential investors. Working with the corporate group of Herbert Smith Freehills we have also assisted the client in preparing for negotiations with potential licensees in Europe and the Middle East.