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South East Asia is a burgeoning and increasingly important patent market. But the challenges for filing IP rights in this market include more formalities, fewer electronic records and processing, newer developing patent systems and a different time zone from Europe & North America. We've observed significantly increased interest by global organisations in protecting their intellectual property in both Singapore and Malaysia.

FPA assists its clients with their patents and designs throughout the South East Asia region, including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines. To support this broader service, FPA has an office in Singapore, FPA Patent Attorneys Asia Pte Ltd. In Malaysia, FPA together with our related firm Advanz Fidelis delivers patent, trade mark and design services to our clients. Central to our client-centric service philosophy, FPA in Singapore and Advanz in Malaysia work closely with FPA in Australia to deliver a single, efficient, convenient and reliable service to FPA clients throughout the South East Asia region. One Principal oversees all jurisdictions to ensure a consistent approach is followed that matches the client's needs.

The FPA office in Singapore represents clients directly before IPOS, the Singaporean patent authority. The office is led by Desmond Tan registered patent attorney in Singapore, and President of the Association of Singapore Patent Attorneys. Des' entire career has been in Singapore and, as President of the Association, he gives us a particular insight into the direction of the law in Singapore, and around the region. Advanz Fidelis has been dedicated to providing innovative IP services for 20 years and assistance to clients expanding into the South East Asian region.

Why South East Asia?

The statistics tell the story as to why multinational companies see South East Asia as a significant emerging market. 

  • GDP of almost USD 2.6 trillion in 2016 and growth of 5%
  • >600 million population representing 9% of the world's population (Refer to ASEAN statistics)
  • In 2015, ASEAN was the fourth biggest recipient of foreign direct investment (USD 120 billion)

Unlike Europe and other economic regions, South East Asia is multi-jurisdictional. There is no regional patent. And that raises the question - how best to manage a patent portfolio across the region?  

Should you use one firm having offices across the region? If you do, will you have access to the best people in each country? In a market of more than 600 million people, what is the likelihood that one firm will have the best people across all technologies?

Or do you engage with the best firms in each country? You may well get the best people, but how many multiple outside counsel relationships do you want to manage?

Our clients tell us that our solution to these conflicting needs is the answer.

Our way

We are the conduit between the best South East Asian patent attorneys and our clients.

We give you the best people in South East Asia and with our experience in regional coordination, we shoulder all aspects of the load of managing multiple outside counsel relationships and delivery of outside counsel services across the region.

What is the client benefit to using FPA Patent Attorneys?

Our services in South East Asia are client-tailored solutions, so the perceived benefits vary from client to client. Here are a few:

  • Unparalleled time and cost efficiency: We know the local laws, we know how to avoid or cut through the red tape, we know how to get a patent application accepted with a minimum of aggravation and cost to the client. Plus the client benefits from our buying power.
  • Consistency: Consistency of claim scope, consistency of approach, consistency of service and consistency of report and clear communication from FPA Patent Attorneys.
  • Convenience: We manage all aspects of delivery of outside counsel services so that you only have to engage with one firm in the region. Our firm.
  • A safe pair of hands and access to our network of top tier firms across South East Asia: We have heavily invested in our relationships with local attorneys and our knowledge base to ensure we deliver the best possible outcome for clients, all backed by the high level of FPA Patent Attorneys service and reliability we are known for.

Why an Australian firm?

Location: South East Asia is approximately 12-14 hours ahead of the USA East and West coast. Contrast this with Australia which is within the South East Asian time zone. Our people are working when South East Asia is working. We have presence in the moment.

Your Australian patent as the foundation for South East Asia: The efficiency of our approach arises from reliance by the South East Asian patent offices on a corresponding granted Australian patent. The flexibility under Australian law in respect of subject matter that can be claimed and different claim formats permitted therefore enables us to develop a claim strategy for the Australian case that can be readily adapted to comply with the patent law of each South East Asian country.

Practical expertise: We embed our dedicated client teams with individuals having the relevant country-specific expertise demanded by the client and we have a demonstrated experience in regional coordination of patent firms. 

If you are interested in a tailored solution to management of your patent portfolio in South East Asia, contact us.

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