FPA Patent Attorneys further expands its talent base at all levels

Date: 2021-02-23
Author: Daneta Crump

In addition to the appointment earlier this month of Principal Grant Jacobsen, a highly experienced chemist and patent attorney, Associates David Kark and Sheila Barbero recently joined the team from other leading firms. 

David Kark specialises in renewable energy and electrical power systems, whilst also broadening his skills in the computer technology space.

Sheila Barbero specialises in small molecule and peptide drug design and development, organic, biological and medicinal chemistry, analytical chemistry, polymers and biomaterials, food and beverage technologies, and oral and personal care compositions.

Also meet the newest members of our team, a large cohort of trainee patent attorneys with wide ranging technical backgrounds.

Julie Murison has extensive experience spanning industrial chemistry, agrochemistry and oil and gas production, specialising in structure optimisation and formulation.

Martina Barbiero specialising in medical devices for imaging and diagnostics. Her PhD focused on developing a superresolution system for opto-magnetic cell imaging with nanodiamonds.

Harriet Manley specialises in biotechnology and her postdoctoral research included using an antagomir-based approach to improving haematopoietic stem-cell production.

Angus McNab is a mechanical engineer with an extensive practical background in automotive, reverse osmosis and ultra filtration systems and maintenance and manufacturing in the water and dairy industries.

Amie Khosla’s doctoral research was in theoretical condensed matter physics with a focus on developing a theoretical understanding of exotic states of matter. One of her main current focuses is in the related field of quantum computing.

FPA is thrilled to be expanding its team with fresh and relevant technical expertise to assist our diverse range of clients.