Freshly minted - our two newest Patent Attorneys

Date: 2014-10-15

Our firm has expanded by two, with Reginald Leones (Sydney) and Rory Anderson (Melbourne) recently becoming our newest registered Patent Attorneys.

Rory Anderson, BE(Hons), PhD(Chem Eng), MIP Law, joined the firm in 2010 after a career which included working as an environmental engineer in the field of water and waste water treatment, followed by taking the opportunity to do a PhD at Melbourne University in the area of nanoparticle synthesis. It was with this last piece of work that his career as an engineer intersected with the world of patents – the research led to two patents for the company that funded the work providing the opportunity for Rory to be involved from end to end in the development process.

Reginald Leones, BSc(Hons), LLB(Hons), MIP has qualifications in Innovation Management. He joined Freehills Patent Attorneys in 2011, and his practice focuses on the areas of medical technologies, mechanical devices, analytical instrumentation, consumer products and design, including software/graphical user interfaces (GUI).  Before joining the firm, his career included experience working in Freehills legal practice teams including IP litigation, structured and asset financing (particularly aircraft financing), and a period with an in-house legal team responsible for copyright licensing for Creative Commons, a not-for-profit organisation in San Francisco. His work with our firm has included assisting with opposition proceedings and complex patent litigation.

Rory’s research project investigated how to produce highly concentrated nanoparticle dispersions in water. Funded by ICI (now AkzoNobel), the aim was to find a way of producing highly concentrated metal nanoparticle solution which could be used, for example in ink-jet printing of electrical circuits. The end result was the development of a stabiliser that yielded very high concentrations of nanoparticles, the two patents and three articles in peer reviewed scientific journals.

“During the course of my research I had exposure to the patent process and found this aspect to be pretty interesting,” said Rory. Discussions with the European patent attorney drafting the applications prompted him to seriously consider a career switch.

In his engineering career Rory worked at New Zealand’s largest waste water treatment plant and for a global engineering firm based in Auckland where he applied his expertise in design projects for potable water, storm water and waste water systems.  His areas of expertise span these areas as well as chemical and materials engineering. His practice areas include industrial chemistry, mining and resources (with a focus on mineral processing), environmental remediation, and agrochemicals.

Reg became interested in IP at university because it combined his interest in science and technical disciplines and the law. His interest grew as an exchange student at the University of California, Hastings College of Law where he studied subjects on US patent law and US patent litigation.

“It’s an area that combines my interest in science and law. I’m also excited by having a role in commercialising research and innovation, and working with a range of clients with different technologies,” Reg explained.

His qualifications and experience have given Reg a well-rounded understanding of clients’ commercial requirements – Reg understand business principles and planning, the sales and marketing process, government regulation, funding channels, management and commercialisation of scientific research.