First firm to file a PCT application in Australia using ePCT Portal

Date: 2014-04-16
Authors: Clare Taylor & Carl Harrap

Freehills Patent Attorneys was the first patent attorney firm in Australia to file a PCT application at IP Australia as the Receiving Office using WIPO’s ePCT Portal.  

This news follows the recent announcement from IP Australia that they became one of the first patent offices in the world to offer this innovative system.  The ePCT portal provides a channel to electronically file PCT applications with IP Australia as the Receiving Office. It also provides the ability to create and submit a range of documents in a fully secure environment.

Freehills Patent Attorneys has had the pleasure and privilege of working with IP Australia on the development and deployment of the ePCT filing portal since January 2014.  The firm is very excited about the significant value and opportunities this presents for its clients and international agents. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Financial savings - international filing fees attract higher discounts when using the system
  • Immediate filing details – all applications are immediately allocated an application number and filing date
  • Future proof – WIPO has invested significantly in this new innovation (and continues to so).  It is today’s technology and will undoubtedly be the system of the future.

For further information about how Freehills Patent Attorneys can integrate ePCT in to your patent systems, please contact us.