New Zealand - Required by 12 month deadline

Required by the 12 month deadline to file a patent application in New Zealand claiming priority under the Paris Convention

  • Specification in English including description, claims, abstract (with a drawing) and drawings/figures (if any).
  • Full name, address and nationality of the applicant/s.
  • Full name, address and nationality of the inventor/s.
  • Full details of the priority application, including priority applicant/s,  country of filing, application number and filing date.
  • If applicable, a copy of the deposit receipt for any micro-organism deposits that have been made.
  • Confirmation as to whether the invention contains Maori traditional knowledge, or where the invention is derived from indigenous plants or animals.

To follow

  • Formal drawings (within 3 months from the filing date).
  • Details of how the applicant derives its rights to the invention from the inventor/s, for example by employment or assignment.