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Commissioner wins Jackpot – Commissioner of Patents v Aristocrat Technologies 24 Nov 2021 Articles
What savvy IP users know about innovation patents 19 Aug 2021 Articles
The window to secure an innovation patent filing is closing 20 Aug 2020 Legal Updates
Artificial Intelligence 27 Apr 2020 Publications
FPA Patent Attorneys awarded “Highly Recommended” for Patent Prosecution by IAM Patents 1000 12 Aug 2019 Firm News
Australian and ASEAN utility models – how to make use of this valuable IP right! 31 Jul 2019 Articles
FPA Patent Attorneys continues strong growth with appointment of new Senior Associates 1 Jul 2019 Firm News
FPA Patent Attorneys once again recognised as global IP leaders by MIP 30 May 2019 Firm News
FPA Patent Attorneys is MIP Australian Patent Prosecution Firm of the Year 2019 21 Mar 2019 Firm News
The Australian Innovation Patent: The threshold for patentability may be higher than you think 22 Jun 2017 Articles
Managing Intellectual Property IP Stars Handbook rank FPA Patent Attorneys as Tier 1 for Patent Prosecution in 2017 20 Mar 2017 Firm News
2016 – a year at a glance 14 Mar 2017 Articles
Draft Report on Australia's Intellectual Property Arrangements 2 May 2016 Legal Updates
New Appeal decision on computer implemented inventions in Australia 16 Dec 2015 Articles
Abolition of the Australian Innovation Patent? 13 Aug 2015 Legal Updates
Innovation patents in the oil and gas sector: Protecting your innovations, protecting your business 7 Oct 2014 Articles
Shaken, but still unstirred - Report recommends amendments to the Australian innovation patent system 2 Jul 2014 Articles
You can wave your patent around, just don't hold a stick in your other hand 31 Jan 2014 Articles
Shaken, but not yet stirred –the future of Australian innovation patents 17 Sep 2013 Articles
Infringer violates parking infringement patent, gets ticket, no excuse 3 Jun 2013 Articles
IP Australia introduces new search procedures 15 Apr 2013 Articles
5 things ... US attorneys should know about the Australian patent system 8 Feb 2013 Articles
Innovation Patent – Fundamental changes proposed 5 Oct 2012 Legal Updates
Not such a corny idea - patent infringement for food companies 20 Jul 2012 Articles
Change of Name: Freehills Patent Attorneys 1 Jul 2012 Firm News
An easy guide to Australian patent law for all Australians 19 Apr 2012 Publications
US Patent Law reform – New Ways to Attack US Patents 21 Mar 2012 Legal Updates
Change is inevitable ... but an extension of time isn't if you change your mind 8 Mar 2012 Legal Updates
US Patent Law Reform – Patent Marking 1 Mar 2012 Legal Updates
US Law Reform: Inventor Signature Requirements 16 Feb 2012 Legal Updates
Proposed amendments to Australian patent law: Usefulness 6 Jan 2012 Legal Updates
US Patent Law Reform - Prioritised Examination 23 Dec 2011 Legal Updates
US Patent Law Reform - First-To-File 21 Nov 2011 Legal Updates
US Patent Law Reform: Fee Discounts for Micro Entities 14 Nov 2011 Legal Updates
Proposed amendments to Australian patent law: patent re-examination 8 Nov 2011 Legal Updates
US Patent Law Reform: What this means for Australian universities 7 Nov 2011 Legal Updates
Proposed amendments to Australian patent law: Standard of proof required for allowance 13 Oct 2011 Legal Updates
Senate Committee rejects proposal to ban Australian gene patents 22 Sep 2011 Legal Updates
The Australian Patent Office rejects insurance plans as being unpatentable 12 Sep 2011 Legal Updates
Proposed US patent law reform – implications for Australian business 12 Sep 2011 Legal Updates
Smells like inherent novelty: Novartis AG v Bayer Animal Health GmbH [2011] APO 67 7 Sep 2011 Legal Updates
Australian patent invalidity – lack of fair basis not cured by consistory clause 30 Aug 2011 Legal Updates
Proposed amendments to Australian patent law: Infringement exemption for acts for obtaining regulatory approval 24 Aug 2011 Legal Updates
Proposed amendments to Australian patent law: Infringement exemption for experimental use 16 Aug 2011 Legal Updates
Proposed amendments to Australian patent law: Specifications 31 May 2011 Legal Updates
Telstra's opposition to Amazon's Australian "˜1-click' patent 13 May 2011 Articles
Proposed amendments to Australian patent law: Obviousness 12 May 2011 Legal Updates
Protecting your profit margins: patent protection of good product design 21 Jan 2011 Articles
Webinar: A simple, cost effective approach to Australian patents. Filing – Prosecution – Grant 11 Nov 2010 Webinar
"˜Business (method patents) as usual': US Supreme Court in Bilski fails to provide clear guidelines 2 Jul 2010 Legal Updates
Patent opposition: Dismissal – Wyeth v Sepracor, Inc. [2010] APO 5 (29 April 2010) 7 May 2010 Legal Updates
Parametritis: inventive step - Euroceltique S.A. v Sandoz Pty Ltd [2009] APO 21 (12 November 2009) 20 Nov 2009 Articles
Patent term extension: LTS Lohmann Therapie-Systeme AG and Schwarz Pharma Limited [2009] APO 16 (21 August 2009) 28 Aug 2009 Legal Updates
Court ruling is patently powerful 22 Jul 2009 Articles
Innovation patent: Grace period – Mont Adventure Equipment Pty Ltd v Phoenix Leisure Group Pty Ltd [2009] FCAFC 84 14 Jul 2009 Legal Updates
Patent term extension: drug delivery system - N.V. Organon [2009] APO 8 7 Jul 2009 Legal Updates
Innovation patents: the Australian Full Federal Court rules on innovative step 6 Jul 2009 Articles
Patent opposition – dismissal: Ronald Neville Langford v David Gerard Clark [2008] APO 5 (16 March 2009) 16 Apr 2009 Legal Updates
United States court issues decision on patent rule changes 31 Mar 2009 Legal Updates
Patent opposition proceedings: Macquarie University v HealthLinx Limited [2009] APO1 13 Feb 2009 Legal Updates
Freehills Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys attend leading immunology conference 11 Feb 2009 Legal Updates
A Guide to Patent Law in Australia 25 Sep 2008 Publications
Federal Court takes an innovative step on innovation patents 16 Sep 2008 Legal Updates
United States patent applications: Significant rule changes on the way 1 Nov 2007 Legal Updates
Australian patent practice – removal of onus to file search results 22 Oct 2007 Legal Updates
Tom Gumley"”profile of new partner in Freehills' Patents and Trade Marks group 20 May 2007 Legal Updates