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Artificial Intelligence 27 Apr 2020 Publications
2019: The year of patentable subject matter in the Australian courts 17 Feb 2020 Firm News
FPA Patent Attorneys awarded “Highly Recommended” for Patent Prosecution by IAM Patents 1000 12 Aug 2019 Firm News
Methods and use claims – not the poor cousins of patent claims they are perceived to be 17 Jul 2019 Articles
FPA Patent Attorneys continues strong growth with appointment of new Senior Associates 1 Jul 2019 Firm News
FPA Patent Attorneys once again recognised as global IP leaders by MIP 30 May 2019 Firm News
FPA Patent Attorneys is MIP Australian Patent Prosecution Firm of the Year 2019 21 Mar 2019 Firm News
Singapore patent law changes on 1 January 2020 - supplementary examination is going but this isn't a bad thing 18 Mar 2019 Articles
Extending patent deadlines in Indonesia 12 Mar 2019 Articles
Patenting Medical Methods Involving Devices and Equipment (in Australia and Beyond) 5 Mar 2019 Articles
Generous patent grace period changes in Japan 18 Jan 2019 Legal Updates
2018: Best method, damages and patentable subject matter were some of the ‘big ticket’ items 7 Jan 2019 Articles
Indonesian Patent Office clarifies patent annuity ambiguities 5 Nov 2018 Articles
Patents for Algorithms in Australia 25 Oct 2018 Articles
Managing Intellectual Property IP Stars Handbook rank FPA Patent Attorneys as Tier 1 for Patent Prosecution in 2017 20 Mar 2017 Firm News
2016 – a year at a glance 14 Mar 2017 Articles
Quicker, easier and cheaper? New Rules for patent prosecution in India 25 May 2016 Legal Updates
Stem cell patentability: European update following Opinion of Advocate-General in ISCC and the Australian position 18 Aug 2014 Articles
What has your attorney told you about Nautilus v BioSig.? 28 Jul 2014 Articles
Improving the value of your US patent portfolio: lessons for Australian and NZ companies from the decision of Bard v Gore 21 Jul 2014 Articles
Alice v CLS Bank: An Australian Perspective 2 Jul 2014 Articles
What Australian companies need to know about "˜patent oppositions' in the US 18 Jun 2014 Articles
Salient lessons for Australian applicants of US diagnostic patent applications 28 Nov 2013 Articles
Breaking the shackles – changes to divisional application practice in Europe 22 Nov 2013 Legal Updates
Africa: What you need to know about OAPI and ARIPO 25 Jul 2013 Articles
US Supreme Court decision on Myriad's gene patent – implications for Australian patent applicants 14 Jun 2013 Articles
Due date for making a micro-organism deposit under Australia's new patent law 24 May 2013 Articles
Differences between Australian and South African patent practice and law 14 May 2013 Articles
Amending your patent claims in corresponding foreign applications could obligate you to look at your granted Australian claims 26 Feb 2013 Articles
Isolated nucleic acids are patentable – what does the "Myriad" decision in Australia mean for patent applicants? 21 Feb 2013 Articles
5 things ... US attorneys should know about the Australian patent system 8 Feb 2013 Articles
The European unitary patent and unified patent court system Update 19 Dec 2012 Legal Updates
A US and Australian comparison of "Means plus function" 5 Dec 2012 Articles
Protection of diagnostic inventions in the USA - implications of PerkinElmer, Inc. v Intema Limited 28 Nov 2012 Articles
US Patent applications - third party observations 27 Jul 2012 Legal Updates
Smart business leaders know the value of patents 10 Sep 2009 Articles
United Kingdom awards inventors in Kelly and another v GE Healthcare Limited 6 Jul 2009 Articles