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Commissioner wins Jackpot – Commissioner of Patents v Aristocrat Technologies 24 Nov 2021 Articles
How to protect AI-based mining inventions in Australia 12 Nov 2021 Articles
Australian Patent Office to appeal DABUS decision 30 Aug 2021 Legal Updates
AI as an inventor – Implications of the DABUS Decision 20 Aug 2021 Articles
What savvy IP users know about innovation patents 19 Aug 2021 Articles
Legal Update – Artificial Intelligence as an inventor 2 Aug 2021 Legal Updates
2020: The year that was in Australian patent law. Plus two bonus cases from 2021 7 Jul 2021 Articles
Full Federal Court of Australia confirms that methods of diagnosis are patentable subject matter in Australia 28 Jun 2021 Legal Updates
FPA Patent Attorneys announce Tian Liang is now a registered patent attorney 13 Apr 2021 Firm News
Registered Designs: A grace period due to be introduced in Australia 24 Nov 2020 Legal Updates
The window to secure an innovation patent filing is closing 20 Aug 2020 Legal Updates
Poisonous priority in Australia – the landmine laid by the Federal Court and what to do about it (part 2 of 2) 16 Jul 2020 Articles
Artificial Intelligence 27 Apr 2020 Publications
Enablement and Support in Australia (part 3 of 3) 10 Mar 2020 Articles
2019: The year of patentable subject matter in the Australian courts 17 Feb 2020 Firm News
Enablement and Support in Australia (part 2 of 3) 19 Nov 2019 Articles
Australian patentable subject matter – is your invention patentable or an abstract idea? 16 Sep 2019 Articles
Poisonous priority in Australia – the landmine laid by the Federal Court and what to do about it (part 1 of 2) 21 Aug 2019 Articles
Enablement and Support in Australia (part 1 of 3) 14 Aug 2019 Articles
FPA Patent Attorneys awarded “Highly Recommended” for Patent Prosecution by IAM Patents 1000 12 Aug 2019 Firm News
Methods and use claims – not the poor cousins of patent claims they are perceived to be 17 Jul 2019 Articles
Sequenom v Ariosa: Methods of diagnosis held patentable in Australia 2 Jul 2019 Legal Updates
FPA Patent Attorneys continues strong growth with appointment of new Senior Associates 1 Jul 2019 Firm News
FPA Patent Attorneys once again recognised as global IP leaders by MIP 30 May 2019 Firm News
Patenting Medical Methods Involving Devices and Equipment (in Australia and Beyond) 5 Mar 2019 Articles
Sweet or sour: The Saccharin doctrine and Australian patent law 26 Feb 2019 Articles
Recent US case highlights importance of filing provisional application before commercial negotiations 1 Feb 2019 Articles
Australian Patent Office Appeals Rokt Decision 23 Jan 2019 Legal Updates
Generous patent grace period changes in Japan 18 Jan 2019 Legal Updates
2018: Best method, damages and patentable subject matter were some of the ‘big ticket’ items 7 Jan 2019 Articles
Australian Federal Court finds a computer implemented invention patentable 13 Dec 2018 Articles
Patents for Algorithms in Australia 25 Oct 2018 Articles
Framework for Swiss-form claim construction in Australia: Is it really about objective intent? 15 Sep 2017 Articles
Patentability of diagnostic methods and biomarkers in Australia and New Zealand 24 Aug 2017 Articles
Managing Intellectual Property IP Stars Handbook rank FPA Patent Attorneys as Tier 1 for Patent Prosecution in 2017 20 Mar 2017 Firm News
Australian and New Zealand Patent Systems among the strongest in the world 17 Mar 2017 Articles
2016 – a year at a glance 14 Mar 2017 Articles
Sounds like a design opposition 2 Mar 2017 Articles
Missed a patent deadline in Australia? It may not be as bad as you think. 10 Jan 2017 Articles
Contributing to a patent claim might not make you a co-inventor 14 Oct 2016 Articles
The right policy prescription for pharmaceutical patents? The Australian Productivity Commission proposes a new formula 11 May 2016 Articles
Additional protection from Swiss-form claims: a direct infringement option when method claims are indirectly infringed 4 Sep 2015 Articles
Swiss-form claims: not the same as methods of medical treatment? 12 Aug 2015 Articles
Australia: Claim preambles, object statements and patentable subject matter 7 Jan 2015 Articles
Israel, Finland and the US top the Global Cleantech Innovation Index 2014 13 Nov 2014 Articles
Computer Implemented Business Scheme not Patentable in Australia 10 Nov 2014 Articles
The Global Cleantech Innovation Index 2014 - policy uncertainty sees Australia slipping 15 Oct 2014 Articles
Have the Courts lowered the bar on inventive step? 2 Oct 2014 Articles
Gone but not the archaic ground of prior claiming relevant to "whole of contents" novelty? 20 Aug 2014 Articles
Prior claiming in Australia...has news of its demise been greatly exaggerated? Is prior claiming still applicable to the remaining 1952 Act pharmaceutical patents? 20 Aug 2014 Articles
Australia awaits Federal Court guidance on the patentability of computer-implemented inventions 23 Jul 2014 Articles
Improving the value of your US patent portfolio: lessons for Australian and NZ companies from the decision of Bard v Gore 21 Jul 2014 Articles
Shaken, but still unstirred - Report recommends amendments to the Australian innovation patent system 2 Jul 2014 Articles
Alice v CLS Bank: An Australian Perspective 2 Jul 2014 Articles
Markush claims under Australian patent practice 29 May 2014 Articles
Amendments to Australia's Intellectual Property Laws 29 Apr 2014 Publications
Myriad beyond the US: Patent eligibility of genes in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia 28 Oct 2013 Articles
Update - Protecting Plant Varieties in Australia and New Zealand 19 Sep 2013 Articles
An easy guide to Australia's new patent law under the Intellectual Property Laws Amendment (Raising the Bar) Act 2012 - Updated 16 August 2013 16 Aug 2013 Publications
It's finally here: Australia's new patent regime 31 Jul 2013 Articles
Can an error in naming an applicant for a design registration be fatal? Foster's Australia Limited v Cash's (Australia) Pty Ltd 10 Jul 2013 Articles
One Patent Application, One Examination, One Profession, Two Patents 3 Jul 2013 Articles
Review of Compulsory Licensing in Australia 27 Jun 2013 Articles
Proposed changes to Crown use in Australia 27 Jun 2013 Articles
New risks for patent applicants requesting claim amendment 25 Jun 2013 Articles
US Supreme Court decision on Myriad's gene patent – implications for Australian patent applicants 14 Jun 2013 Articles
Due date for making a micro-organism deposit under Australia's new patent law 24 May 2013 Articles
Differences between Australian and South African patent practice and law 14 May 2013 Articles
Opposition Proceedings – timing changes 29 Apr 2013 Articles
New Patent Regulations change the due date for filing a Notice of Entitlement 22 Apr 2013 Articles
Changes to patent entitlement in Australia and New Zealand (updated 15 April 2013) 15 Apr 2013 Articles
Intellectual Property Laws Amendment (Raising the Bar) Act 2012: Overview (updated 15 April 2013) 15 Apr 2013 Legal Updates
IP Australia introduces new search procedures 15 Apr 2013 Articles
Key recommendations from the Australian pharmaceutical patents review 11 Apr 2013 Articles
Inherent lack of novelty: when prior art documents destroy novelty without express disclosure of all features of a claim 12 Mar 2013 Articles
Will Raising the Bar changes affect "means-plus-function" language in Australia? 5 Mar 2013 Articles
Protecting Plant Varieties in Australia and New Zealand 1 Mar 2013 Articles
Isolated nucleic acids are patentable – what does the "Myriad" decision in Australia mean for patent applicants? 21 Feb 2013 Articles
Australian Federal Court Clarifies Patentability of Computer Inventions 19 Feb 2013 Articles
An easy guide to Australia's new patent law under the Intellectual Property Laws Amendment (Raising the Bar) Act 2012 - Updated 18.2.2013 18 Feb 2013 Legal Updates
Isolated nucleic acids are patentable – landmark "Myriad" decision in Australia 15 Feb 2013 Legal Updates
NZ Patent Oppositions – Why do I need expert evidence? 13 Feb 2013 Articles
5 things ... US attorneys should know about the Australian patent system 8 Feb 2013 Articles
What to expect when Australian patent prosecution law changes on April 15, 2013 8 Feb 2013 Articles
Australian patent term extension: A "long-term" battle 15 Jan 2013 Legal Updates
A US and Australian comparison of "Means plus function" 5 Dec 2012 Articles
Pharmaceutical Patents Review Panel releases issues paper 29 Nov 2012 Legal Updates
IP Australia to introduce e-Filing of patent and design applications 20 Nov 2012 Legal Updates
Changes to patent entitlement in Australia and New Zealand 15 Nov 2012 Articles
Foreign agents: simple steps to reduce patent costs in Australia 14 Nov 2012 Articles
Employer / Employee Ownership of IP – applying UWA v Gray 10 Jan 2012 Articles
Claim amendment refused as patentee knew of problem well before requesting amendment 1 Dec 2010 Articles
Extensions of time: opposition – Kelvindale Products Pty Ltd v TFH Temporary Fence Hire Pty Ltd [2009] APO 25 (22 December 2009) 1 Feb 2010 Articles
Smart business leaders know the value of patents 10 Sep 2009 Articles
Court ruling is patently powerful 22 Jul 2009 Articles
Innovation patents: the Australian Full Federal Court rules on innovative step 6 Jul 2009 Articles
United Kingdom awards inventors in Kelly and another v GE Healthcare Limited 6 Jul 2009 Articles
Freehills Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys expand their ranks 16 Jun 2008 Firm News