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Design Amendment Bill 2020 passed through Parliament 2 Sep 2021 Legal Updates
What savvy IP users know about innovation patents 19 Aug 2021 Articles
2020: The year that was in Australian patent law. Plus two bonus cases from 2021 7 Jul 2021 Articles
Full Federal Court of Australia confirms that methods of diagnosis are patentable subject matter in Australia 28 Jun 2021 Legal Updates
Repair, recycling, reprocessing or infringement? 16 Oct 2020 Articles
The window to secure an innovation patent filing is closing 20 Aug 2020 Legal Updates
2019: The year of patentable subject matter in the Australian courts 17 Feb 2020 Firm News
Australian patentable subject matter – is your invention patentable or an abstract idea? 16 Sep 2019 Articles
Enablement and Support in Australia (part 1 of 3) 14 Aug 2019 Articles
FPA Patent Attorneys awarded “Highly Recommended” for Patent Prosecution by IAM Patents 1000 12 Aug 2019 Firm News
Methods and use claims – not the poor cousins of patent claims they are perceived to be 17 Jul 2019 Articles
FPA Patent Attorneys continues strong growth with appointment of new Senior Associates 1 Jul 2019 Firm News
FPA Patent Attorneys once again recognised as global IP leaders by MIP 30 May 2019 Firm News
Patenting Medical Methods Involving Devices and Equipment (in Australia and Beyond) 5 Mar 2019 Articles
The continuing risk of “comprising” and “contains” in Australian patent claims 15 Feb 2019 Articles
Fate of computer-implemented inventions in the hands of five Federal Court Judges 2 Nov 2018 Articles
Single-use medical devices: deterring after-market competitors 1 Aug 2018 Articles
International Industrial Design Protection 8 Jun 2018 Articles
Framework for Swiss-form claim construction in Australia: Is it really about objective intent? 15 Sep 2017 Articles
Patentability of diagnostic methods and biomarkers in Australia and New Zealand 24 Aug 2017 Articles
Managing Intellectual Property IP Stars Handbook rank FPA Patent Attorneys as Tier 1 for Patent Prosecution in 2017 20 Mar 2017 Firm News
Australian and New Zealand Patent Systems among the strongest in the world 17 Mar 2017 Articles
2016 – a year at a glance 14 Mar 2017 Articles
Can Swiss-style claims go off-piste in Australia? 6 Mar 2017 Articles
'He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother' - Patents directed to deuterium modified drugs 28 Feb 2017 Articles
Swiss-style patent claims can be very valuable in Australia 23 Feb 2017 Articles
Licences are out and automatic rights are in: a new way to allow exploitation following temporary patent ceasing is proposed 15 Feb 2017 Articles
Federal court aids in construction of provisions for third party statutory licences following temporary ceasing of a patent but declines to comment on Patent Office decision procedure 14 Feb 2017 Articles
To concede or not concede (infringement): that is the question! An instance of a third party licence being requested during temporary ceasing of a patent 14 Feb 2017 Articles
Remedies for IP infringement: when additional damages aren't 20 Jan 2017 Articles
Australian designs law - what is really going to change and when? 6 Oct 2016 Articles
Australian designs law - where is reform headed? 5 Oct 2016 Articles
How an object statement can bring down your patent 31 May 2016 Articles
The right policy prescription for pharmaceutical patents? The Australian Productivity Commission proposes a new formula 11 May 2016 Articles
Product Management Group Pty Ltd v Blue Gentian LLC (2015) FCAFC 179 29 Mar 2016 Articles
Australian manufacturer is successful in asserting patent in China 21 Oct 2015 Articles
Additional protection from Swiss-form claims: a direct infringement option when method claims are indirectly infringed 4 Sep 2015 Articles
Australian manufacturer enforces Chinese patent against Chinese infringer in China 14 Aug 2015 Articles
Swiss-form claims: not the same as methods of medical treatment? 12 Aug 2015 Articles
Australia: Claim preambles, object statements and patentable subject matter 7 Jan 2015 Articles
Computer Implemented Business Scheme not Patentable in Australia 10 Nov 2014 Articles
Full Federal Court confirms isolated nucleic acids are patentable in Australia 19 Sep 2014 Articles
Markush claims under Australian patent practice 29 May 2014 Articles
Simulated flames cause damage 23 Aug 2013 Articles
Can an error in naming an applicant for a design registration be fatal? Foster's Australia Limited v Cash's (Australia) Pty Ltd 10 Jul 2013 Articles
Infringer violates parking infringement patent, gets ticket, no excuse 3 Jun 2013 Articles
Key recommendations from the Australian pharmaceutical patents review 11 Apr 2013 Articles
What to expect when Australian patent prosecution law changes on April 15, 2013 8 Feb 2013 Articles
Protection of diagnostic inventions in the USA - implications of PerkinElmer, Inc. v Intema Limited 28 Nov 2012 Articles