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FPA Patent Attorneys appointment of new Associate Principal 1 Jul 2021 Firm News
Full Federal Court of Australia confirms that methods of diagnosis are patentable subject matter in Australia 28 Jun 2021 Legal Updates
New additions to our life science area 24 Jun 2021 Firm News
Enablement and Support in Australia (part 2 of 3) 19 Nov 2019 Articles
Seeking patent protection in Malaysia 12 Aug 2019 Articles
Sequenom v Ariosa: Methods of diagnosis held patentable in Australia 2 Jul 2019 Legal Updates
Generous patent grace period changes in Japan 18 Jan 2019 Legal Updates
Patentability of diagnostic methods and biomarkers in Australia and New Zealand 24 Aug 2017 Articles
FPA Patent Attorneys strengthens its patent practice with the appointment of new Principals and Senior Associates 3 Jul 2017 Firm News
Swiss-style patent claims can be very valuable in Australia 23 Feb 2017 Articles
High Court of Australia determines isolated BRCA1 gene not patentable in Australia 7 Oct 2015 Legal Updates
Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement on term of data exclusivity for biological pharmaceuticals, not patent term 6 Oct 2015 Legal Updates
Decoding Gene Patents in Australia 30 Oct 2014 Articles
Full Federal Court confirms isolated nucleic acids are patentable in Australia 19 Sep 2014 Articles
Stem cell patentability: European update following Opinion of Advocate-General in ISCC and the Australian position 18 Aug 2014 Articles
What has your attorney told you about Nautilus v BioSig.? 28 Jul 2014 Articles
What Australian companies need to know about "˜patent oppositions' in the US 18 Jun 2014 Articles
Salient lessons for Australian applicants of US diagnostic patent applications 28 Nov 2013 Articles
Breaking the shackles – changes to divisional application practice in Europe 22 Nov 2013 Legal Updates
Objects clause and exclusion from patentability – are biotech related patents under attack in Australia? 5 Sep 2013 Articles
Changes to patent entitlement in Australia and New Zealand (updated 15 April 2013) 15 Apr 2013 Articles
Isolated nucleic acids are patentable – what does the "Myriad" decision in Australia mean for patent applicants? 21 Feb 2013 Articles
Isolated nucleic acids are patentable – landmark "Myriad" decision in Australia 15 Feb 2013 Legal Updates
Protection of diagnostic inventions in the USA - implications of PerkinElmer, Inc. v Intema Limited 28 Nov 2012 Articles
Changes to patent entitlement in Australia and New Zealand 15 Nov 2012 Articles
Australian patent invalidity – lack of fair basis not cured by consistory clause 30 Aug 2011 Legal Updates
Claim amendment refused as patentee knew of problem well before requesting amendment 1 Dec 2010 Articles
Freehills Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys attend leading immunology conference 11 Feb 2009 Legal Updates