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Patent term extension: drug delivery system - N.V. Organon [2009] APO 8 7 Jul 2009 Legal Updates
Innovation patents: the Australian Full Federal Court rules on innovative step 6 Jul 2009 Articles
United Kingdom awards inventors in Kelly and another v GE Healthcare Limited 6 Jul 2009 Articles
Patent opposition – dismissal: Ronald Neville Langford v David Gerard Clark [2008] APO 5 (16 March 2009) 16 Apr 2009 Legal Updates
United States court issues decision on patent rule changes 31 Mar 2009 Legal Updates
Patent opposition proceedings: Macquarie University v HealthLinx Limited [2009] APO1 13 Feb 2009 Legal Updates
Freehills Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys attend leading immunology conference 11 Feb 2009 Legal Updates
A Guide to Patent Law in Australia 25 Sep 2008 Publications
Federal Court takes an innovative step on innovation patents 16 Sep 2008 Legal Updates
Freehills Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys expand their ranks 16 Jun 2008 Firm News
United States patent applications: Significant rule changes on the way 1 Nov 2007 Legal Updates
Australian patent practice – removal of onus to file search results 22 Oct 2007 Legal Updates
Tom Gumley"”profile of new partner in Freehills' Patents and Trade Marks group 20 May 2007 Legal Updates