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FPA is committed to excellence in everything it does which is reflected in its Vision: a virtuous triangle of attracting the Best Minds, to work on the Best Clients, collaborating in teams to deliver the Best Work which supports Best Environment and stimulates, challenges and develops its talented people.

Cultivating the best minds

FPA’s vision is manifested in its premium client base which includes the world’s leading brands and technologies across multiple industries. Working with clients who are at the forefront of innovation and technological breakthroughs, drives FPA to continually review and assess how it can continually grow and evolve as a firm. FPA prides itself on deeply understanding its clients’ commercial interests and implementing patent examination strategies to ensure alignment with those interests. FPA strives to provide clients with more than a standard approach; it seeks to ensure commercial context and to deliver bespoke solutions that truly add commercial value. As a top tier firm with offices in Australia and Southeast Asia, FPA specialises in understanding innovative global industries and the burgeoning and increasingly important Southeast Asian patent market.

FPA people are trained to think laterally and are prepared to invest time and intellectual rigor in the client relationship and in understanding the client’s business. The Best Minds focus supports FPA’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy where people are encouraged to be their authentic selves and the focus is on what work people produce, not who they are or where they come from. To cultivate Best Minds, we develop and champion technical excellence which is underpinned by our comprehensive career and professional development programs, creativity, innovation and professionalism.

FPA’s quality of work and service to clients is consistently recognised by global industry awards. See our Awards page.

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Career development and progression

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