Analytical Instrumentation Patents

This sector often involves high-tech developments in a competitive commercial environment. In such an environment, some companies find themselves in a technical “arms race” to keep a niche advantage and to prevent their technology from becoming a commodity product.

With growing competition from low cost-base countries, patents are important tools for protecting the highly specialised know-how and technical advantages that provide an edge over competition. However, obtaining strong patents can be a challenge for some companies because the technology often involves cross-disciplinary expertise drawn from a variety of different types of specialist engineers and scientists.

We provide expertise that ensures a complete and deep understanding of our client’s technology, by assigning technology specialist patent attorneys or, when appropriate, a team of specialists from a variety of backgrounds. By gaining an intimate understanding of our client’s technology, our attorneys know when and who to recruit into matters so as to best cover all aspects of the technology.

This approach allows us to effectively prosecute patent applications in complex technical fields where securing protection for incremental improvements can be vital to competitiveness.

Our clients include market-leading Australian and overseas manufacturing companies, in a variety of technologies, such as high performance smoke detection systems and chemical and medical analysis equipment.

Our technical range of expertise includes:

  • Environmental monitoring and alarm systems
  • Image processing
  • Chemical and materials analysis
  • Medical diagnostic devices
  • Quality assurance and test equipment
  • Remote sensing
  • Security systems
  • Mining exploration equipment and systems

FPA Patent Attorneys - our expertise in action

FPA Patent Attorneys was introduced to one of our key analytical instrumentation clients through a due diligence process in which we gained an initial understanding of the client’s business and technology. We then assisted this client through their corporate restructure by providing an experienced patent attorney on a long term secondment.

This regular and dedicated interaction has allowed us to develop strong technical knowledge of our client’s products and R&D aims and build broad relationships throughout the company.

We now use this technical and corporate knowledge in our daily interactions with this client, in drafting and prosecuting patent applications and in providing advice on infringement and strategic patent initiatives.