Ownership Structure

In Australia and New Zealand, the standards of practice and professional conduct applying to FPA are defined by the Code of Conduct for Trans-Tasman Patent and Trade Marks Attorneys (2018)(the Code). This Code covers both corporate ownership structures and partnerships.  It also defines an ownership groups as two or more incorporated patent and/or trade mark attorneys or incorporated ancillary businesses under common ownership.

FPA is a part of an ownership group within the QANTM Group which also comprises the following businesses:

  • Davies Collison Cave Pty Ltd, an incorporated patent and trade mark attorney business operating in Australia and New Zealand;
  • Davies Collison Cave Law Pty Ltd, an incorporated legal practice operating in Australia; and
  • Cotters Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys Pty Ltd (ABN 34 291 651 910), an incorporated patent and trade mark attorney business operating in Australia and New Zealand; 
  • Sortify.tm Ltd, a New Zealand-headquartered trade mark legal technology company that operates automated trade mark filing platforms in Australia (under the brand Trademarks Online), New Zealand (DIY Trademarks) and, through its subsidiary, Trademark Planet Ltd, the United Kingdom; and
  • IPervescence Pty Ltd, an IP consulting and locum service, majority-owned by QANTM.

FPA operates independently of each other member of the QANTM ownership group in the provision of professional services.

Should a contentious matter arise between an FPA client and a client of one of these other independently operating businesses, as per the requirements of the Code, where FPA is aware that a client of another QANTM Ownership Group member is involved in a matter before a court, tribunal, IP office or similar adjudicative body, and the clients’ interests are adverse, QANTM Ownership Group members will only act where its client has given, in writing, its informed consent to that member so acting.