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Date published
The Australian Innovation Patent: The threshold for patentability may be higher than you think 2017-06-22 Articles
FPA Patent Attorneys announce Catherine Winbanks is now registered attorney 2017-05-18 Articles
Managing Intellectual Property IP Stars Handbook rank FPA Patent Attorneys as Tier 1 for Patent Prosecution in 2017 2017-03-20 Firm News
Australian and New Zealand Patent Systems among the strongest in the world 2017-03-17 Articles
Pharmaceuticals in South East Asia 2017-03-14 Publications
2016 – a year at a glance 2017-03-14 Articles
Reg. 5.23 - When evidence isn’t considered to be evidence, but is still considered as evidence 2017-03-09 Articles
Can Swiss-style claims go off-piste in Australia? 2017-03-06 Articles
Sounds like a design opposition 2017-03-02 Articles
"He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" - Patents directed to deuterium modified drugs 2017-02-28 Articles
Swiss-style patent claims can be very valuable in Australia 2017-02-23 Articles
PCT national phase – filing requirements 2017-02-17 Publications
Licences are out and automatic rights are in: a new way to allow exploitation following temporary patent ceasing is proposed 2017-02-15 Articles
Federal court aids in construction of provisions for third party statutory licences following temporary ceasing of a patent but declines to comment on Patent Office decision procedure 2017-02-14 Articles
To concede or not concede (infringement): that is the question! An instance of a third party licence being requested during temporary ceasing of a patent 2017-02-14 Articles
South East Asia - Renewal Requirements 2017-02-02 Articles
Remedies for IP infringement: when additional damages aren’t 2017-01-20 Articles
Missed a patent deadline in Australia? It may not be as bad as you think. 2017-01-10 Articles
FPA is delighted to announce that Akanksha Dahiya has been awarded the 2016 Institute Prize 2016-12-23 Firm News
IP Australia releases Exposure Draft of the Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Bill 2017 2016-12-14 Legal updates
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