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When a 20 year term just isn't enough: Patent term adjustment 7 Feb 2018 Articles
When a 20 year patent term just isn't enough: Market and data exclusivity 31 Jan 2018 Articles
When a 20 year patent term just isn't enough: Patent term extensions 24 Jan 2018 Articles
2017 – It was biotech and pharma who kept the Australian legal system busy 12 Jan 2018 Articles
IP considerations in the early stages of drug development – how to pick your moment 17 Nov 2017 Articles
IP and healthcare in South East Asia: “Bigger than BRIC”. So why aren’t you filing your patent applications there? 11 Oct 2017 Articles
The patentability of isolated natural products … A proposed approach to clarify examination procedures in Singapore 5 Oct 2017 Articles
South East Asia: 5 reasons why it is an essential patent filing destination 27 Sep 2017 Articles
FPA Patent Attorneys appoints new Principal Chris Bird 25 Sep 2017 Firm News
Framework for Swiss-form claim construction in Australia: Is it really about objective intent? 15 Sep 2017 Articles
Singapore – Avoid undue delays when requesting post-grant amendments 25 Aug 2017 Articles
Patentability of diagnostic methods and biomarkers in Australia and New Zealand 24 Aug 2017 Articles
A loophole allowing patent term extensions in Australia for certain Swiss-style claims has been closed 24 Aug 2017 Articles
Potential for more cost-effective options for challenging Singapore patents and applications 14 Aug 2017 Articles
Patent claim construction in Australia: Federal Court confirms the need for careful consideration of the use of “comprising” and “contains” in patent claims 11 Aug 2017 Articles