Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Patents

Maintaining an innovative edge over your competitors can be challenging given the complexity of their patent portfolios, especially in sectors where technology is not visibly ‘cutting edge’. Creating your own niche in a crowded market can be key to maximising profitability.

Our Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing team have unrivalled legal expertise as well as mechanical and manufacturing engineering qualifications. This gives them a rapid understanding of complex designs and ideas, and the most cost-effective ways to protect them in a global market.

It is not economically viable in this sector to ‘turn over every stone’ and examine every existing patent in the field. Equally it is unwise to blindly charge ahead without due consideration of risk. Our attorneys rely on their experience in a broad spectrum of mechanical engineering to give commercial advice when protecting new concepts or traversing a competitive patent landscape. This helps us make recommendations for searching and other patent investigations on an as needed basis rather than applying a ‘one size fits all’ approach to patent advice.

We work with Australian and overseas manufacturers and designers in the transport, construction, consumer product, food production, agricultural and safety equipment sectors, amongst many others.

FPA Patent Attorneys technical range of expertise includes:

  • Automotive engineering
  • Aeronautical systems
  • Mechanical devices
  • Commercial food service equipment
  • Heavy engineering vehicles and equipment
  • Materials handling and packaging
  • Manufacturing machinery and processes
  • Machine tools
  • Furniture
  • Pumps, turbines and engines
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Recycling processes and equipment
  • Dispensing systems and devices
  • Safety products and systems
  • Machine learning systems

FPA Patent Attorneys - our expertise in action

Our team works with the Australian manufacturing arm of a multinational business in the industrial food equipment industry. FPA Patent Attorneys work with this company in the product development stage and advise on effective grouping of inventions and international filing strategies for new product lines. We conduct pre-filing novelty searches and prosecute a large patent portfolio both in Australia and overseas.

As market leaders in this field, our client stays at the front of innovation, making them a target for copying. Our attorneys work together with solicitors in the enforcement of their rights against counterfeit products, coordinating such enforcement on a global basis.